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Welcome to the web site of the Althouse family of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Our purpose is to provide a background and genealogy of our family in Eastern Pennsylvania.

First in America

My direct ancestor, who first arrived in America, was Johan Georg Althaus. He arrived in the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1738 with two other Althaus's - Johannes Althaus and Johannes Christian Althaus. I have not been able to clearly ascertain whether these three were brothers or had some other relationship. They came from a town in Germany named Elsoff, County Wittgenstein, Province of Westphalia, which was one of the provinces of Prussia, near to, but not bordering on nor traversed by the Rhine River. They sailed from Rotterdam on the St. Andrew Galley, John Steadman, Master. St. Andrew Passenger List

The surname Althaus, is a compound of two German words; ALT and HAUS and its literal meaning is "an old house." The name refers either to the antiquity of the house in which its possessor resided or to his line of ancestry, antiquity being considered a sign of rank and distinction. The name Althaus was always a complimentary surname and was never used in a derogatory sense.

Upon their arrival, the three Althaus's traveled to what are now Bern, Center and Upper Bern Township. The section that was called Bern Township, Lancaster County, in those days, was transferred to Berks County upon its formation in 1752.

I have found no public records of land owned or other information for Johan Georg Althaus. The other two were landowners and it may be presumed that he lived with or on one of their farms. The best information is that he died before 1752 and had one son John George Althaus. His birth date and wife's information has not been found.

Thus did my Althouse family begin in America. At some point, the surname was anglicized to Althouse from Althaus.  The following is an outline of my ancestry:

1. Johan Georg Althaus

  2.  John George Althaus

    3.  John Althouse

      4. Daniel Althouse

        5. John Peres Althouse

          6. Irwin Daniel Althouse

            7. William Dunkel Althouse - Grandfather

              8. George Washington Althouse - Father

                9. George Louis Althouse - ME!



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